A Tribute to Jane Austen

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's not me

So you say
sorry for leading you on
sorry for giving you hope
sorry for crushing your dreams

but I say
It's okay
I know how to feel that way

So you say
sorry to have ever know me
sorry for being a prick
sorry for the memories

but I say
It's okay
because that is who you are

So you say
I can't forget her still
I can't go on with you
I don't know what to do

but I say
all this time I said okay
but in my heart I was torn
all this time I said I was okay
but in truth I was crying away..

I can't change your mind
I believe you'll do what you think is right
It is your choice to choose
past or future
I'll be here waiting
but if you choose the past...
then I'll be force to walk away..