A Tribute to Jane Austen

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Choral Speaking: Environment


We got the whole world, in my hand.
We got the whole world, in my hand.
We got the whole world, in my hand.
E-A-R-T-H (individual)
a planet  where we live in,
a place we call home.

Full of greeneries

With lots of animals.

Aww~~ cute!!

Birds chirping
Squirrels jumping from tree to tree
Deer running around
Calm and serenity! *glad*
Green, green!
Everywhere is green!
Trees, here and there!
Trees everywhere!
*inhaled deeply*
Ahh~~fresh air
Nothing like fresh air
To fill our lungs.
We love it!
It makes our body
Very light and fresh!
Look! A river!
Wow! The water is crystal clear!

I can see my reflection in it!
Like a mirror!
Look! Fish!

The water is very cool,

Eww!!! What is that smell?!

Phew!! It really stinks here!
It’s choking us!
Oxygen! We need oxygen!

Where does it come from?

Look! Up in the sky!
It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!

It’s black smoke!
It comes from that chimney over there!
Hey! Isn’t that a factory?

A factory?
What do we need a factory for?
It does not make sense!
It only ruins the fresh air!

This is a modern world!

Yeah! A modern world!

We need factories to develop!

Yeah! Develop!

Progress first! Fresh air later!

Yeah! Later!

*shaking heads*
The air is no longer fresh
It is full of dust
The smell is bad.
We want our fresh air back!
Fresh air! Fresh air! Fresh air!

What happen to all the trees?
Where is the greenery?
Oh why, oh why
Do my trees have all gone?
Oh why, Oh why
Could this be?

It is called deforestation dear
We need to clear the woods
It is blocking our way
from building an
Five star hotel!
Shopping Mall!

That is very cool!
Ignore Pantai apartment!
Ignore Gardens Hotel!
Ignore Times Square!
Now we got a new
Apartment building!
New Five star hotel!

Why build new one?
Is it not enough with the current one?
Why do we need to destroy the green?
It looks very ugly now!
What will happened
To all of those cute and fury animals?
They will not have a home to live in!
Oh no!
The water! It’s muddy!

My reflection!
My beautiful reflection!

1st :
No more cool water.

No more refreshing water.

So what? It is part of progress!
Haish! Don’t be such an environmentalist!

What? can’t hear you!
It’s too loud!
What? It’s stressing you out?
Yeah! Same here!
What? Stop shouting?

Sorry about that!
The noise! It is so irritating!
It is really a radiation
That help mutates us into monster!
It’s driving us crazy!
What happen to calm and serenity?

We want our green nature back
We want our children to see what we see in the past
We must protect mother earth

We want to progress
We want to develop the country
We must be a head from everyone else

3rd :
Why must we destroy to be successful?
Why can’t we all live along with nature?
Why? Why? Why?

Humans, never learn to appreciate things
We, the youths, want a world
full of green, live harmony with other habitants.
That is why there is
A hybrid car
Go green campaign.
Let us all work together
hand in hand to create a better tomorrow
One voice, one hope, one world
One Earth!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My feelings 2......

Hey... I'm lonely... I want to talk.
I want to talk about me and you,

Remember the time that I thought you were cute?
Remember the time that I feel like I was head over heels, loving you?
did you?

Yes, true... being with you makes me happy.
It does feels like a n amazing roller coaster ride.
I was in love you like crazy.
Totally feels like I'm on top of the world.

I try not to think of you, but shit!
Who am I kidding?
Your eyes...
it brings butterfly in my tummy..

Your sweet sense of humor,
Yeah, it gives me light in my darkest hour.
How I love you with all my heart!!
See this picture?
Remember this?

How bout this?
recognize this picture?
This is my heart that you broke.
Starting to recall back?
What you say?
You didn't do this?
 Are you sure?
Yes? No? Maybe?
but remember this word?

Yes? No? Maybe?
You do?
The minute you said this my heart shattered.
Don't get me wrong..
you're doing a pretty got job at this..
Breaking my heart and trying to mend it back...
But it can never be the same..

so here I am waiting for another one of you to break my already shattered heart..
Don't worry...
I'll be okay...
I have already survive one time...
I guess I can survive another heartache...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My life being some else's friend...

What is it with me?? 
I am like the worst friend ever...
In class I am considered to be a witch if I pay attention..
I am a witch that tell my friends to focus and pay attention..

What is it with me??
I am like the cruel friend ever...
letting my friend suffer from hunger...
She spend her money on a designer bag..
I should help her...

What is it with me??
I am like the most self centered friend ever...
I get all the glory for being nice to someone else..
they wanted all the glory..
I should give it to them..

What is it with me??
I am like the super terrible friend ever..
Letting them down by not giving them answers to the exam question...
The might even fail this test....

What is it with me??
I am like their worst nightmare in friend...
You know what??
Screw off!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011


i need to forget.
i need to forget you
Why can't i?
Why am i keep thinking of you?
the more i try to forget
the more i see your face
for heaven sake
let me be
Why can't i forget?
Why am i keep thinking of you?
know i see
i can't forget
it's because
i love you too much
too much that
it leaves scars
hate that i am weak
weak to let you 
to let me
love you deeply
sorry that i am weak
i know that
know that you don't 
like me
but i appreciate it
even if it was brief
i know i will not get it again
so rather than saying i hate u
it is proper for me to say
thank you
i will do you a favour
...i'll forget you


the first time I see you,
irritation came to me.
seeing you hugging your knee,
you look like a girl!

after a while meeting you,
I thought you need encouragement.
to be friends with you ,
gave me a whole new approach to people.

after a while, I felt empty.
not seeing you as much as I use to,
really did I feel empty.
I wish to see your face.

the first time you gave me a message,
It was like 12o'clock, Friday night.
I was so thrilled,
that you still remember me.

I feel hurt when I know,
you share most with her not me.
she knows more about you than me.
she even tells me that she likes you.

I feel very disappointed,
to know the truth.
to know that I am not who you expect me to be.
to feel rather useless in front of you.

I feel that its no use,
for me to keep holding on.
to someone who does not know my value.
to someone who keep making me wait.

every time I want to let go,
you keep holding me back.
pulling me to where I belong.
thinking, waiting for you..

do keep doing this to me?
telling me that there is no 'us',
but keep on giving me false hope?
what did you expect from me?

All I want...
All I need...
All I expect...
Did you ever know?
Did you ever want to know?
Did you ever want to know why I want you to know?

well I guess not...

Friday, March 4, 2011

My day in the class

During LDV class today, I read the most thought provoking thing that I need to share to the others.
                Well, class started at 8 as usual and as usual many were late. Well, we were given a task to do while waiting for the others to come (I don't even know they're always late. Maybe because of the weather that is good for hibernation?). The atmosphere in the class was tension. Everyone was so into the task that when Madam asked about her copy for the task, only me, Alza, Syahiran and Nana looked up. Thank God Mdm. Joanne is not a tyrant! If she is, all work would stop abruptly and incident would take place. Anyway, back to my point.

                Mdm. Joanne left us alone for a while to do some work for a while. It was pretty relieving thing for us, we can actually took a deep breath of relief and relax for a little while before continuing our work. Mdm. Jo came back with some papers and an envelope in her hands. I got very curious about the envelope; it was too pretty to be a formal letter. Then, Madam Jo took out the content and read it. I guess she saw me straining my neck to peek at the envelope that she gave it to me to read it.
                I did not notice the poem in the card until Madam Jo read it out aloud to the class.
Manusia Hawa dijadikan daripada rusuk manusia Adam bukan dari kepalanya untuk dijunjung atasnya,bukan pula dari kakinya untuk dijadikan alasnya,melainkan di sisinya untuk dijadikan teman hidupnya,dekat pada lengannya untuk dilindungi dan dekat dihatinya untuk dicintai..

                Then, something crossed my mind. Eve was made from one of Adam’s rib bone. What if that every Adam in this Earth has their rib taken out to make Eve? Okay let me make it out to you, what I’m trying to say is, an Adam has to sacrifice one of their rib to make THEIR Eve. As in, their soul mate. The only one that can make Adam’s body whole again, the only one that can fit Adam lost rib space. This made me believe that every Adams have a space for an Eve to live in and every Eve has an Adam for them to make Adam complete.
                Okay again, let me rephrase that. An Adam has their specific Eve that has been made out for them, from their rib bone. It’s just a matter of time before Adam found their Eve to make their life complete. If an Adam found his Eve, my advice would be never hurt her but protect her. Yes, she might sometime be annoying, jealous, mad and all the negative stuff that you know of. But know this; it will only happen if you do not know how to take care of your ‘rib’.
                Well, that’s it from me. Any comments just leave it below.. (^w^)V