A Tribute to Jane Austen

Thursday, September 29, 2011

So what?

listening to chester see's songs.. I just got this feeling of longing in my heart.... It might not be just right but think, and think carefully...

Monday, September 12, 2011

All Lonely Loser's Enemy's Me...

to think about the memories that is artificial.... i want it to be real.... real for me to remember....
something that I desires to remember..... a fake memories....
A shell can capture the sound of the sea... like a memory....
but what if it capture something else??
something more just the sound, something just as real??
the feeling of a fake memories.... it just... sometimes it just nice to decide what your end is... isn't it???

All Lonely Loser's Enemy's Me...

hey guys.... so today I'm back with a whole lot of new ideas... okay since you know that I'm a kind of girl that observes here what I want you to think....

Ever wonder:
What would happen
if your name is not your name?
if you have a whole new identity?
If you have an artificial memory of someone being important to you?
If you found out that the artificial memories was actually your past live memories?
if you lived for eternity?
if you found out that you were labelled something that you weren't?
If someday you have a mental disorder?
if you have an overly active imagination??
If you were given one chance to rectify something in your past?
if you found somebody that you really cared for in your life?
if you just care a little bit for the world?
if you were betrayed by the one that you trust and love the most?
If you dreamed of something that is out of this world ?
if you feel like you don't want to live in this world but in your own?
if you shared your morning with strangers?
If all of this question were answered?

the last and final question...
if you have a quite morning, a peaceful one, thinking back to all the question that you wonder...
would you still want....... to think???

Saturday, September 10, 2011

All Lonely Loser's Enemy's Me...

hahahahahhahaha... any way... I'm just updating something that i think would be good for my memories....
my cousin Jun entered a singing comp in India, and he WON, 3rd place... hahaha
me??? well everything actually... hmmm got my assignment done, part of it... and learning some Wing chun basic.... and others...

the fact that The Title is as such is because... well u'll figure I think...
anyways... i feel kinda hungry lately... huh... maybe bcoz of the fact that Im getting bigger??? huh.... Anyways.. Um... i've develop a new hobby lately that is, streaming on Youtube.. My fav so far, would be David Choi Wong Fu Production KevJumba, Ryan Higa, Chester see, Victor Kim... Basically all those YTF team in you tube... anyway\s...
I feel really connected to them (like any others of their fans...) talk about asian... anyways.. I just feel that I need to support them... (hehehehe).. Yeah... anyways... my birthday is coming soon, n I hope to get a lot of present (like that ever gonna happened) i am really hopeful to get a plushies on my bday especially a Wong Fu productions of Toys... for dat I bid you chiao!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

my feelings...

when a guy gives u a doll, what do you say? of course thanks.
but deep down what do you feel?
I feel a miss.... something is not right here...

when a guy cares about you, what do you say? of course wow.
but deep down what do you feel?
I just got the answer, I feel happy. until I find out that he does that to all the girls. typical..

when a guy just wants to be friends with you, what do you say? of course okay.
but deep down what do you feel?
I feel sad... because he's the one that I like. n sorry until now I still dun get any answer...

when a guy looks at you and just ignores you, what do you say? of course jerk.
but deep down what do you feel?

these are the feeling that I get, sad, annoyed, weird, unworthy etc.... anyway... I know I'm not the 1 that hoping for anything... but I do share my feelings..
Anyway... I'm relieve...