A Tribute to Jane Austen

Monday, March 7, 2011


the first time I see you,
irritation came to me.
seeing you hugging your knee,
you look like a girl!

after a while meeting you,
I thought you need encouragement.
to be friends with you ,
gave me a whole new approach to people.

after a while, I felt empty.
not seeing you as much as I use to,
really did I feel empty.
I wish to see your face.

the first time you gave me a message,
It was like 12o'clock, Friday night.
I was so thrilled,
that you still remember me.

I feel hurt when I know,
you share most with her not me.
she knows more about you than me.
she even tells me that she likes you.

I feel very disappointed,
to know the truth.
to know that I am not who you expect me to be.
to feel rather useless in front of you.

I feel that its no use,
for me to keep holding on.
to someone who does not know my value.
to someone who keep making me wait.

every time I want to let go,
you keep holding me back.
pulling me to where I belong.
thinking, waiting for you..

do keep doing this to me?
telling me that there is no 'us',
but keep on giving me false hope?
what did you expect from me?

All I want...
All I need...
All I expect...
Did you ever know?
Did you ever want to know?
Did you ever want to know why I want you to know?

well I guess not...

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