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Friday, March 4, 2011

My day in the class

During LDV class today, I read the most thought provoking thing that I need to share to the others.
                Well, class started at 8 as usual and as usual many were late. Well, we were given a task to do while waiting for the others to come (I don't even know they're always late. Maybe because of the weather that is good for hibernation?). The atmosphere in the class was tension. Everyone was so into the task that when Madam asked about her copy for the task, only me, Alza, Syahiran and Nana looked up. Thank God Mdm. Joanne is not a tyrant! If she is, all work would stop abruptly and incident would take place. Anyway, back to my point.

                Mdm. Joanne left us alone for a while to do some work for a while. It was pretty relieving thing for us, we can actually took a deep breath of relief and relax for a little while before continuing our work. Mdm. Jo came back with some papers and an envelope in her hands. I got very curious about the envelope; it was too pretty to be a formal letter. Then, Madam Jo took out the content and read it. I guess she saw me straining my neck to peek at the envelope that she gave it to me to read it.
                I did not notice the poem in the card until Madam Jo read it out aloud to the class.
Manusia Hawa dijadikan daripada rusuk manusia Adam bukan dari kepalanya untuk dijunjung atasnya,bukan pula dari kakinya untuk dijadikan alasnya,melainkan di sisinya untuk dijadikan teman hidupnya,dekat pada lengannya untuk dilindungi dan dekat dihatinya untuk dicintai..

                Then, something crossed my mind. Eve was made from one of Adam’s rib bone. What if that every Adam in this Earth has their rib taken out to make Eve? Okay let me make it out to you, what I’m trying to say is, an Adam has to sacrifice one of their rib to make THEIR Eve. As in, their soul mate. The only one that can make Adam’s body whole again, the only one that can fit Adam lost rib space. This made me believe that every Adams have a space for an Eve to live in and every Eve has an Adam for them to make Adam complete.
                Okay again, let me rephrase that. An Adam has their specific Eve that has been made out for them, from their rib bone. It’s just a matter of time before Adam found their Eve to make their life complete. If an Adam found his Eve, my advice would be never hurt her but protect her. Yes, she might sometime be annoying, jealous, mad and all the negative stuff that you know of. But know this; it will only happen if you do not know how to take care of your ‘rib’.
                Well, that’s it from me. Any comments just leave it below.. (^w^)V

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