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Monday, June 6, 2011

Just a story...

I Just Want To Say...

06th / Jun / 2011

 This is my first time writing something in this book. I've decided that I would write about my love life, my adventure with my friends and sometimes maybe even my pictures of Vincent. Lets just say my life is in this book alone.
 So, to start with I want to tell you about myself. I'm 19, currently studying in a college taking Photography and Arts as my major. My love life is suck and my studies are good, I have someone that I love. I guess you can tell already, I just want to say welcome to whatever that you find interesting in my life.

 The first time I writing this I can tell you that I felt very uneasy talking about my life and the one that I loved the most. It's awkward! But... since I have started... why not?

 So, I happened to meet him during my registration into this college. I was lost and being a weird girl, hanging around with a camera was not such a good impression to anyone. But I was the kind of girl that doesn't care about what other people think of me. Luckily it was still early for me to register to the college, so I decided ti take a walk. I walk around and found a place in the college that was very interesting and very unique. I always love to take scenery photos, Urban and Rural. As I was taking pictures,  so lost in my world. I saw somebody leaning on the wall. His posture was so graceful and eye catching, I had to take a picture! It's another instinct of mine being an artist. I tend to draw eye catching things that made me interested.

 I was taking pictures, when suddenly he turned to me and smile. His angelic smile and his innocent face made my heart melt and beats faster. I swear, my heart felt like it was jumping out to him! I was so shocked, I think my knee would buckled anytime soon. I was locked in his gaze! I tried to make myself stop looking at him, but I can't! It was like I was under a spell! He was walking to my direction, OMG!OMG!!! He's breathtakingly cute up close! I can feel my cheek getting hot.

'Hey! You look like your lost. Can I help you with anything?' He's angelic voice rings through my brain, leaving it stunned for a while, I was locked in his gaze! God! did he ever have the most wonderful eyes ever!
'I-I J-Just want t-tt-t...' He look at me with one eye brow arched. Damn! I just made a fool of myself! and then I ran! Freaked out!
'Hey wait! Come back!' I heard him shout something but I can't look back now! If I do, I might faint from his aura! I reached to the registration desk and getting ready for my register. I took a deep breath in and out and packed my camera. I've realize that my camera lens cap was missing! I looked for it everywhere but I can't find it! And it was my turn to register. So whether I like it or not I just have to forget about it.

*sigh*... so much for my romantic life huh?

To be Continue....

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