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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a story...

 I Just want to say...

  I was walking to class as always, using the same corridor as always. Even though my class were on the other side of the building but I've always used the same path to class. All because of him. I wanted to catch a glimpse of him, even just a while. He was always playing Basketball around this time with his friends, me with my weird glasses and camera always hide behind a column just to get a picture of him. Why Am I taking picture of him? well because he has got the perfect feature for me to draw. I mean his ruffled hair, his thick eyebrows, his almond shaped eyes with beautiful hazel-nut shade, his perfectly chiseled nose that is neither small nor big and his soft delectable lips that seriously inviting and melting the hearts of the girls in school. All and all, he is the perfect model!

*Ka-chick* *Ka-chick*

 Okay, I know. I am so not a stalker! I'm just taking pictures of him... playing basketball. That's not stalking now is it? argh.... fine... think what ever you guys wan to think. Owh... by the way, My name is Maria, the guy that I was taking picture is Vincent Maurer. Yes, I know. He got the same last name with Mario Maurer, guess what? He's his brother! Anyway, I always took some picture of him for my drawing. His fluid movement are so graceful that I need to take his picture. The urge of a photographer instinct in me possessed me to take his picture.

 Every movement that he make is like a feather, cutting through the wind. Owh SHIT! He's looking here!! I turn to hide myself behind the column and take a deep breath. I'm lucky he didn't see me. I looked at his pictures at my camera and damn I got some inspirations already.

 'When are you going to stop stalking him?' I was startled, nearly dropped my camera.
'Shit!! Tiqa, couldn't you give a 'hello' or something before you shocked me to death? I swear one of this days I will meet Hell earlier than Fates planned for me.' Atiqah is my best friend in the world! I share with her my feelings and my obsession for Vincent. And she is the best listener that I've got for any of my problems.

 'Chill Mar, I've already wave at you from there and yet you still taking picture of Hot Stuff over there.'
'Shh!! Do want the whole world to know that I'm taking his pictures? geez...'
'But seriously... when are you going to say it to him?'
'Say what?' I ask in puzzlement.
'That you love him?'
'I-I don't...Love him... I just love taking his pictures.' Tiqa shook her head in disagreement.
'Anyway, better get to class before Miss Ina is in. You don't want to be punished again now do you?' with that we rushed to our class and took a seat before Miss Ina comes in. Luckily we're just in time too.

 Class went by as usual. Nothing much happens except that some of the student were punished for being late to class. We're in English class and Miss Ina gave an empty book for us to write our journal.
'Class, In front of you now is a book. You may write anything on it, your life, experience, poems and etc. You may even write your story in it. This will help in improving your grammar and your writing skills. Now don't worry about me reading it. You may send it to me willingly if you want me to read and grade it, anytime you're ready. But I will not force you to hand it to me. You may start writing now.'

 I wonder what should I write about... Maybe my hobby? my photos? Tiqa was pulling her chair to sit with me and talk about our journal.
'Hey, Tiqa... what should I write?' She thought for a while but can't seem to find the answer that I need. So both of us went on thinking mode.
'Mar, how bout you write about him? about how you have been liking him since forever?' I stopped her before she can continue any further, if she weren't my friend I would already choked her.
'Tiqa! could you please?' but to tell the truth it was a good idea. Maybe I would write about my love story. Anyway today I my first day, maybe I would write the day I've met him... Nah!!

My Gallery...

To be continued...

(P/S: anything in this story that is related to the dead or living are purely coincidental. It does not have anything to do with any people and some name might be mentioned based on the authors imaginations only.)

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