A Tribute to Jane Austen

Monday, September 12, 2011

All Lonely Loser's Enemy's Me...

hey guys.... so today I'm back with a whole lot of new ideas... okay since you know that I'm a kind of girl that observes here what I want you to think....

Ever wonder:
What would happen
if your name is not your name?
if you have a whole new identity?
If you have an artificial memory of someone being important to you?
If you found out that the artificial memories was actually your past live memories?
if you lived for eternity?
if you found out that you were labelled something that you weren't?
If someday you have a mental disorder?
if you have an overly active imagination??
If you were given one chance to rectify something in your past?
if you found somebody that you really cared for in your life?
if you just care a little bit for the world?
if you were betrayed by the one that you trust and love the most?
If you dreamed of something that is out of this world ?
if you feel like you don't want to live in this world but in your own?
if you shared your morning with strangers?
If all of this question were answered?

the last and final question...
if you have a quite morning, a peaceful one, thinking back to all the question that you wonder...
would you still want....... to think???

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