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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Just Want To Say...

08th June 2011

There was once a girl who love to take pictures and observe all things that moves. Some called her weird, but to her the others are weird. Anyway, one day she found a live specimen that could be used as a model for her work. So she started to observe her specimen. Taking pictures that could be used for her project, and made an observation.

By the way, The specimen is to be refer to as Vincent. She observe her specimen's life and activities. Also the cliques that he associates with.

Her finding are as follows:

Name: Vincent Ash Maurer
D.O.B: 20 July 1991
Type: Popular
Fav. Food: Apple
Fav. Colour: Blue
Hobby: Basketball
    Modelling carrier:
- Nike Air

    Magazines appearance:
- Vogue

It is very rare to find a specimen living in the her atmosphere where all would be average. This is like finding gold in the middle of the desert.

The specimen is said to be related to Mario Maurer,

The main attraction of this specimen is his eyes.

One look can melt the heart of many girls, behaviorism is likely to be accepted through out the college.

In the world of an observer, he or he are not supposed to be influenced by their subject. If they do, they need to remove themselves from the specimen in order to maintain clear justification towards their work.

Then why do I have this feeling?
Am I jealous of the girls around him??
Do I like my project?
More to the point... Do I like him??
Maybe yes, Maybe No... I don't know...

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