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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Just Want To Say...

12th Jun 2011

I was looking at him again today... I just don't get it, why would I be attracted to him?? I mean, it not like there are many other guys in the world right? yeah! I know! I should just venture out. But you see, I love photography and I love the scene in my college. Its to die for!! Well for someone who is a photography mania like me, it is to die for. Any way, I was in my room looking at the picture that I'd took a few days ago. I was going to paint the scene, I love to paint why not!

The pictures that I'd taken were all a blur, well some of them did turn out to be good! I need a new lens for my DSLR lens... that's what I thought. Okay.... way out of topic... I was talking about him right? yeah well here goes..

See.. he was playing basketball like always.... and I was walking along the court. One plant seriously catch my attention, I took a picture of it, but my photography instinct took over. I started to shot at a different angle, and it was great and all. then suddenly "LOOK OUT!!" I was so not looking when something hit me at the back of my head. All I could think of is my camera.. my DSLR camera, my lens!! I was lying on the ground when someone ask me whether I'm okay..
They have got to be kidding me right?

"The heck!!!!! Hey!! Do I LOOK LIKE I"M OKAY???????" I was seriously irritated, they want to hit me? fine! But no one, I mean no one interfere when I'm shooting something!!!
They're going to have it! I turn around there he was... all my anger just *Poof* fade! just like that!! Argh!!! I hate myself when this happened!!

All I could do was staring at him, gawking and go all goo-goo eyes to him!!
"Are you okay?"
"Ermmm..... urh....."
" I guess you need to sit rest that head of yours for a while."
"ae..... err,,.... "
"Hey... are really okay?? I mean do you need me to take you to the nurse or something??"
My head just respond, its nodding!! Damn head!!

Okay... I think the best thing that happened to me was today... he helped me up and carried me to the nurse. Well... not in bridal style... but close enough for me to hear his heart beat.. I think I'm in heaven....

If I die right now I wouldn't mind it...... any way... it was a great thing I guess... but now I need a new camera.... story of my life....

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