A Tribute to Jane Austen

Saturday, July 16, 2011

 Adventures beyond imaginations, I have always wanted a life like that. But I would never thought I will get it! I mean, I just need another story. Something to get of my chest.

My life gets kind of boring, I just need something that I can tell.

Well now I am telling you!

I started of my day  like the usual. School. Which means I have to endure 7 hours of hazardous bullies, ignorant teachers, bitching girls, annoying Jocks and stereotype society. A conducive environment for a student to learn, isn't it?  Typical... Started the school with Social Studies class. 'yeah...' and later would be free period which in school term get-your-ass-back-in-class-and-do-your-homework. So much for freedom...

We were to have a trip today, to some place which is boring as hell. Well might as well enjoy my ' freedom' while it lasted. On the bus, were the Jocks and the Popular Girls sitting at the back of the bus. Figures... Nerds and Geeks sitting at one corner of the buss. The Emos were all sulking opposite the Nerds and Geeks. Me? I'm just normal enough to place myself without any groups. I'm a lone ranger. I took a pencil and my sketch book. My earphone and my iPad, blast the music in my ear. I know, I might be semi deaf by the time I'm 40, but who cares? carried by the music I sketched.

Suddenly, I was looking at myself drawing. I mean, literally! I see myself drawing in the bus! WTH?? I felt my body was pulled to another place, I was transported to another land. I mean ANOTHER land, not New York anymore! It like my soul was trapped in another dimension!! What did I eat?? I'm not dead. am I???

"Hey! What the hell is going on?!" I landed on my butt! I mean seriously!
"Milady! Milady Anna! It really is you!" A weird old man with a white robe came towards me with a staff that looked like Merlin's staff!!
"Back off!! Don't.Come.Any.Closer!!"
"But Milady, your highness is-" I cut him before could finish his sentence.
"I'm not some high lady or what ever!! so stop calling me Milady!Who are you?! And where the heck am i anyway?!"
"Milady, I'm the high priest, old Mage. Your're now in the land of Ornoch, where his highness Lord Zathest, your husband, rule with prosperity and justice. You don't remember?"
"Like hell!! I'm not married yet!! And I'm sure as hell don't know any Zathewys!!" I screamed.
"Lord Zathest, your ladyship." he corrected me in his most annoying tone!!
"Whatever!! I don't care!!"
"Perhaps your ladyship is tired and having some disorientation from the journey. Maids! come and serve our lady!" A few woman came out wearing a maids outfit, the one with the white aprons and long black skirts.
"I'm not going anywhere until I got my explanation!" I threw a fit and refuse to be taken away! I'll admit that I'm acting like a child! who wouldn't be in this situations??
I thought the ladies would not be able to control me, but i was wrong! seriously wrong!! they just lift me up and my body went numb! what do they eat?? steroids?? I was carried to a room, trying my best to struggle out from the gripped of the lady that carried me.

"Let me down!!" I was only put down after they reached at a room, very grand, would cost a fortune!! they placed me on the bed, my body is still numb from their gripped. They left me there, alone! I tried to stand but the numbness is still there.

Then something move beside me....
Something black...
No... it couldn't be....

what happeneds next??

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