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Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a story...

Okay guys.... this has got nothing to do with 'I Just Want To Say..' this is just a side story that I've wrote during class... and a few little extra here and there...

The air was cold. Water droplets trickle from the leave. It was a calm morning, the birds stretches its wings and flies trough the field. The feel of the cold window slowly replaced by heat, the musical harmonies tunes from the bird chirping with the light snore from my elder sister. The first ray of the sun hits the trees, shines through my window. The heat from the ray warmed my skin from the previous cold of the night.

I decided to take a walk. Taking my coat with me, I ventured out to the barn. Soaking in the morning light, it was  very peaceful. The sound of clucking chickens and mooing cows, life in the country side is just different than in the city.

This is my first day living with my aunt and uncle along with my sisters. It was the beginning of our summer holiday since our mum would be working and will have no time to spend with us during the holiday. Do not pity me, I actually liked it. I get to spent time alone with myself, painting and writing my stories. I find it rather exciting catching something in my paintings that no one else can see and imagining something, a fantasy, that only I know what is in my world.

"Good morning Jane. You're up early. I see your going somewhere." A middle aged woman with red copper hair and sparkling blue eyes greets her. She smiled showing her dimples on both of her cheeks, her freckles fade with age and she was holding a bucket of vegetable.

"Good morning Aunt Mabel. I was going to take a walk in the woods for a while, for sightseeing."
"Okay then, be back before breakfast. Be careful dear, don't lost your way home, the woods is pretty vast."
"I will Aunt Mabel. See you later."

 I went in to the woods, amazed by the beauty it holds. The mystic of this woods does not fade with time, it is still intact after all this years. The last time I went here was when I was 7 years old. I still remember that this forest used to be my playground. I always played here with a boy whom I don't remember much. Very Victorian Era like, I love the woods.

 Desktop Wallpaper · Gallery · Nature 
 The light of morning on the forest paths - Olympic National Park

I could almost imagine Pride and Prejudice took place here. If I were Jane Austen I would really love it if I would to be buried here. As I lay my head down to one of the tree, I started to dream of my stories, that would took place here, where my characters would be alive.

Then, I heard something. A music, a saxophone. Playing Kenny G's Song Bird, it matched with the whistling breeze of the woods. Without me knowing it, I followed the tunes. Trudging the rocky path, I walked toward one clearing in the woods. There a guy surrounded by birds, I know! Its impossible! No way birds would be near to him that close! Those cute and fluffy birds!

Amaze by the sight, I hid myself to spy on him. (Stalker much?) Anyway, as he was playing his saxophone, more birds were going near him. How many birds can this guy attract? 

He stopped, in the middle. He then started to feed the birds. I want to be able to do that... I want to touch the birds, I guess the birds felt my scary aura and flew away from the guy. But some of the birds flew right to me and pecked me on the head! 

"No! Shoo! Shoo!! Stop it!! Argh!!" 
It was really scary and painful! I thought they were going to pecked my eyes out!! It always ended up like this, I love animals but they all hates me. Again... story of my life. 

"Enough!" The guy said. The birds instantly stop pecking me and flew away. What magic does this guy used? how come he can control birds and I can't? Argh.... this is so unfair. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. I looked at him and nodded.
"Few scratches but I'm okay." Yeah right. Like having my hair looked like a bird nest and my scratched up face would be consider as Okay. But I'm alive with all body parts still intact, that's something.

"Here, let me help you up." Wow... a gentleman, rather hard to find a guy like him nowadays, I thanked him for that.
"What are doing in this woods? So early too."
"I was taking a stroll. Heard you played the saxophone, went here without knowing that I might be attacked by birds." He laughed, which offended me.
"I don't find pecked by birds to be something funny." I scowled at him. 
"I'm sorry, but it is not always something like this happened." He said. Forget him of being a Gentleman, he's an asshole.
"Well I'm sure you have had your morning humor today." I would not be ridiculed especially by a guy who just happened to play the saxophone. 
"Well I do. It really did brightens up my day."
"I'm sure it does." I said sarcastically. I would not be the but of the joke for this guy. He is the most ridiculed, annoying, arrogant, most insensitive and very self indulgent guy I have encountered in my whole life!

I walked back to where I came from, stomping all the way with my scratched face. My fine morning turns out to be a real disaster, why can't I have a normal, peaceful day? Why can't I meet a normal guy when I'm on a vacation? STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

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