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Friday, January 28, 2011

BGR talk in SFX

Okay... for those who do not know wat BGR is, its a talk..
A talk about boy girl relationship..
the one who organise it is SFX church... Man!! it is very interesting to hear their love stories!!
some can even be made to books!!
I now what ur thinking.... another overrated story from a person.. well maybe it is...
But u see..
they were so sweet... very romantic in none offensive and hollywood type kinda way... they follow the will of god..
So cute, romantic and I think fulfilling kinda a way..
they said this..
"Boys should be more matured... take the lead in ur spiritual relationship."
"Girls, don't worry... God is writing ur love story.. u r made to b pursue, not pursueing.."
I can't describe everything here, u want to know more?? go la to a BGR talk...
I'm sure u will not regret it.. till I write again...Bye!!

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