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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Life As a Nerd

Do you know what it feels like to live like a nerd??
Well I guess you don't. If you do, welcome to the same boat as me!! Okay, I wake up everyday at 6.30 am, take a bath, iron my cloths and take my breakfast.Same routine every single day. Boring isn't it? Being me... I know what you're thinking.
"Does she have any life at all?"
"Why does she even live?"
HAHAHAHAHA!!! for those who think like that, sorry but this is me... Boring little me... I mean, I like my life. Every little thing that I do, I like it. It's me. It's my way of showing the world that that is me. Even though some people might think that it's not important to what I do, I still appreciate it. Well to be straight I like my life, but I need a little bit of induce fun. Anywho, this is the place where I can just say what is in my mind. I really am thankful that someone invented a blog!

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