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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A story..

Okay... I know that I kept on writing blog that was not exciting or such. Some even fall asleep to even read my blog...
So, I try to make it interesting... I'll put a story every week, or poem. Which ever I feel I like the most. It might be love, or horror..
it might be my life and also fantasy. So here goes... My first story in my blog..(QUICK!!! TAKE A PICTURE!!! Hahahaha!! kidding!)

Title: My memory of you
Song: (Suggestion are needed!)

 The star, So beautiful. Shining away at night. Giving people the feeling of being part of this universe. As I looked up in the sky, for the last time, I started to remember the memory of Me and Him..

3 Years ago..

He was beautiful.. his short coal black hair, his snow white skin and his sweetness. They're really stood out! Even though people  noticed him, but I notice him more than any other people I know. I love his smile, his sweet ringing voice every time he spoke to his best friends. To tell you the truth.. I love him, since high school. Thanked God, I got the same college as him.
Then, he was approached by some girl.  I know she was up to no good. Because, she was a player. I saw her going out with different set of guys!
I need to protect him from her. I need to tell him that I love him!
So I've become another friend to him. I give him advice and warn him about the girl.. But it seems that he was happy, I can not bear the thought of him denying  me as her friend. I dreaded it! Every time he came to see me, my skipped a beat. I thought I was going to die every time he came near me. but every time he started to speak of that girl, my heart shattered. I almost cried of heart broken.

2 Years ago..
He already broke up with that snake, He was in pain. I tried to console him, so I brought him out to a field that night. It was a beautiful night. The dark sky filled with stars!! My heart felt relieve to see his smile!!
Yes, That's it.
His smile that can light up my darkness. I know that instant, he was already over him. It's time for me to say I love you to her.
But it can wait. I thought we're just going to be friends, but he confess to me. He love me!! OMG!! We started to go out and I was incredibly happy!

6 month ago...
He's starting to avoid me. Every time I want to talk to him he said he was busy. I can still accept a week that he was busy, but he didn't talk to me for almost a month! I cannot bear the thought of losing him! I love him! But what shattered me the most was not the fact that he ignored me, but he kissed another girl in front of me. we broke up that instant. I never want to see him ever again.

a month ago..
 For months I didn't came out from my room. my parents started to worry that I might do something stupid. i love him so much! I still am. Why does he do this to me? My friends came and encourage me to forget about him and find some new one to get over him. Easy for them to say it, I love that Bastard! Even though he had hurt me so bad. But their right its time to go out again.

3 days ago...
Doesn't matter how much I tried to forget about him. I just can't.. I went to the field that we used to see the stars together. I thought I was alone there, but I saw someone in a wheel chair. That person, I knew him. I went and I was really surprised. It was him!! He looked so different! His short black hair was no more! His skin, is paler than before! He looked like he haven't eaten in months! He smile weakly at me! I can't bear the looks of him, I broke down and cried like a baby! He just gently patted me on the head.
"Don't cry baby.. I miss you so much." he said.
"How?? your sick? Why didn't you tell me?" I said in between sobs. He just smile at me and asked me to hug him.
He whisper lightly to my ear,
"Dear... I love you with all my heart, know that I did what I did was because I don't want you to keep remembering me. can you accompany me in watching the star together?" I just nodded, I watched the stars with him. remembering all those years back when we're together.
"Hey, Do you still remember that star?"
"Yeah.. I do, Its our star. Remember it and I will always be right by your side, loving you."
"I hope that when I died I could be near to you and our star.." I got no respond, I touched his hands. It was cold.. I cried and cried.. hugging him, and seeing him for the last time..
"I Love You, Forever and Always!"

 The star, I love to watch it every night. Why?? Cause I know that I have someone up there watching over me and loving me as I love him..


  1. ayy don't like sad ending . !btw, reAlly loves the sentence 'i love that Bastard!' ;)
    you might wants reconsider 'my ___ skipped a beat' in 3 years ago n 'it's time for me to say i love you to __' 2years ago..

  2. hahahahaha!! thanks Miss R! never did noticed that...