A Tribute to Jane Austen

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re: My Live as a Nerd

Okay, As I promise... I would like to tell you what boys think of me..
first time I was in
Elementary school,

I was in third grade. There was this bully that would bully boys in the class. okay its a she.. the bully I mean.
okay, every time she entered the class, everyone would be scared.. becoz she's one of the teacher's pet.
Every time she hits a boy I would go and break up the fight.. (Thank God I was Born under a Libra sign.)
from that moment on I think I'm close to guys better than girls..

Secondary school

Guys ask me for advice about their love life.. as if I know what does it feels like to be in love..
so I just told them what i think and what i saw in the korean drama and thats good..
I think this is the part where boys scared of me..
I am violent.. always hit them.. soo.. I really think that is the reason..
it followed me all the way to high school and college..


I really think that some of the guys from my class are afraid of me, because I am too out spoken, authoritive and etc... all the traits that are present in guys.. I think i hv some of it..
maybe thats why they are afraid of me... its because im different than any other girls that they meet..
Well I don't care.. think what ever you want to think boys.. but what you see is what you get..
till I write again bye!!


  1. are you that scary? ^^
    one think for sure those guys are cHicken . !haha