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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Continue wit Y boys afraid of me

Okay I guess u already read my recent blog.. okay.. I just want to conclude the topic, as mention on top.
1. Im agrresive
2. Im not feminine
3. I always hit them ( only because they aren't serious in working their work. )
4. How I question them is like I challenged their rights as men.
5. I can do what they can't do
6. I have the spunk to speak out my opinion under certain circumstances. Like in class
7. They don't understand me.
8. they think I'm anti boys.. Which is really ridiculous
9.They don't like me being a teacher's pet
10. They just won't accept that every time I get something right, its because I read. They thing that I'm showing off.

In conclusion.. I do what most guys think that girls shouldn't do..
Hey, like they said in Social Studies.
Im a transgender.. I go out from the norm of the society..
Im proud to be different! till I write again.. Bye!

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